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Are you looking for work? Introduce yourself with a cover video. It will be your trump card!

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What is it about?

From now on, if you're looking for work, you can introduce yourself with a Cover Video. Show to the best your candidacy by recording a short video to give a clear idea about you. It's a great opportunity to be more prominent and to increase chances of being chosen!


Questions and Answers.

Here are some questions that we have answered that may be useful to you.

Why should I do a cover video?

With a video, you can highlight your personality, how you express and transmit your passion for the job you are looking for to make you more interesting.

Is there a particular place where I can record the video?

We recommend a closed place, so you can avoid noises covering your voice, sitting in front of your PC, smartphone, or any other device that you will use to recording.

What do I have to say in the video?

In the video describe briefly who you are, your studies, your work experiences, your interests. Highlight your strengths and abilities, give a good reason to the recruter to choose you.

How do I make my videos visible?

For each video you upload, an univocal link will be generated that you can include in your curriculum, for example in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section you can add the cover video item and then paste the url. Or you can also put it in a cover letter, in the video you can explain in more detail certain aspects of you that you did not fully express in the letter. Anyone who clicks on the link will display your presentation an you will receive an e-mail that will report you.

How long the video should last?

The cover video must be short, the maximum duration is two minutes. The short time available will be useful to prepare a brief and incisive speech so that you can touch all the basic aspects of the presentation without getting too far off.

How many videos can I upload?

You can upload how many videos you want! The maximum video size is 100MB, if your two minute video is of a larger size, try recording it with a lower definition.

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